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Eco-friendly solution for silage covering

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Improves farm safety as the farmer will not have to mount the pit in winter months



Reduces Farmers time spent covering and securing the silage pit. Pitseal forms a finite seal along the pit as it bonds to the top layer of grass forming a matrix . It eliminates the need for pit weights, and excess covering

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Creates a more sustainable process by eliminating the plastic sheeting,also reduced methane emissons by up to 70% when consumed by the ruminant . 

Cow and Calf


Spray on solution That forms a flexible matrix on top of the grass and reduces the time to cover the pit. The unique blend of seaweed in the film has proven to reduce methane emission when consumed

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About us

Pitseal provides an eco-friendly solution to silage covering

Pitseal is a startup company founded on the UCC Ignite programme.

We aim to make farming more eco friendly and provide long term sustainability for the farmers and their families.

I saw first hand the risks working on farms when my uncle slipped on wet plastic, fell and broke his leg. He was unable to milk his cows for a month and had to hire in a farm relief worker and felt sad to be away from his animals even for that short period. It was this incident that made me think about a better solution for covering silage pits and help reduce emissions so farmers can keep there whole herd going into the future.


 Pitseal is a biofilm comprising of unique strains of seaweed and nutrients that form an airtight and waterproof film on top of the silage pit completely replacing the plastic covering and weights.

This film is then consumed by the ruminant as part of its winter fodder and thus reducing the Methane green house gas emissions.

We have had a very exciting journey getting to this point with our adventure and look forward to the future with confidence in the knowledge that we have a great product that will make cattle farming safer and more eco friendly.

Our Product



Once the silage pit is packed, pitseal will apply the film with our patent protected applicator  

Grass Close Up

Cover & Seal

Pitseals film will form a matrix on top of the silage pit creating a water and air tight seal while covering the pit fully

Dairy Farmer


Farmers will save time during the silage covering process, as it eliminates the plastic sheeting and requires no weights [tyres]. This increases farm safety as the farmer will not have to mount the pit at any stage.

Enjoy Pit-Seal's short video

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Sustainable and eco-conscious farming is key to future proofing the industry 

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